Project Description
BlogNetNuke is a FREE blogging module for DotNetNuke. BlogNetNuke utilizes the popular DotNetNuke content management system while providing a WordPress-like editing UI. The systems supports multiple blogs per site, with multiple layouts all defined by user controls - the common design structure of DotNetNuke.

  • Multiple blogs per site.
  • Move blog module to another page without affecting anything in the system.
  • Multiple authors per blog.
  • Supports extensionless URLs.
  • Tags, Categories, Excerpts, Keywords and Descriptions per post.
  • Determine draft or published post.
  • Immediate or scheduled publishing.
  • Multiple layout options designed via User Controls (.ascx).
  • Blog Extensions
    • Categories List
    • Tag Cloud
    • Archives List
    • Recent Posts

BlogNetNuke is currently used by multiple web sites.

This project is maintained by DesertedRoad.

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